Privacy Policy and Cookies


1. Introduction

The Privacy Policy is presented by Flashing Lights Media to demonstrate we are committed to protecting your data.

We recommend that before you submit any personal information, you read this Privacy Policy.

2. Flashing Lights Media

Flashing Lights Media is a deaf-led independent production company that creates programmes for television and radio broadcast and online streaming platforms.

We are a member of PACT, the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television representing UK independent television, film, digital, children’s and animation media companies.

3. Data and information

This privacy policy relates to our use of any personal data we collect when you:

  • contact and communicate with us in person, by email, phone, through video conferencing service or on location during production shoots and meetings
  • submit personal data for contracts, agreements, production call outs and correspondence with us
  • This personal data information can include your name, title, address, personal email address, phone number, banking and NI details, employment history & qualifications.

4. Data sharing with third parties

Flashing Lights Media does not receive personal data from third parties nor do we share personal data with third parties, unless they are directly contracted in a production we work with (as a co-production partner or sub-contractor). We may be required to share your personal data to comply with legal obligations or for lawful purposes or if it is in our legitimate interest to do so.

5. How we use your data

Collection and use of your Personal Data is done in a matter consistent with this Privacy Policy.

We do not undertake any mass mailings or e-newsletters and will only use group emails for agreed and named collaborators/contractors within a production – unless you agree to join a working group for specific initiatives outside of production, such as PR and marketing work.

With your consent we will use your data:

  • in a contractual relationship when you are engaged to work on a production or development for Flashing Lights Media, this includes data required to pay your invoices, taxes, NI and pension contributions where applicable.
  • to stay in touch with you, for future work opportunities and news you wish to receive from us.

The information we collect about you is retained securely on Xero, our accounting package and on Google Business Platform (including our email system). We retain data for a certain period as is permitted or required under applicable laws. We will actively review the data we hold and securely delete it if there is no longer a legal or business need for us to keep it.

We will take every measure to ensure the protection of your data and to limit the information to what is strictly necessary under our obligation to comply.

6. Your rights

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you certain rights in respect of your personal information, which means you can:

  • have incomplete or inaccurate personal information corrected
  • access and review a copy of your personal information
  • ask for deletion of your personal information (in certain circumstances)
  • object to the use of your personal information (in certain circumstances)
  • be provided with a copy of your personal information (in certain circumstances) for transfer to another party and
  • the right to lodge a complaint with Flashing Lights Media or your national data protection supervisory authority.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights described above, please email Mark Perry at Flashing Lights Media with ‘GDPR Data Request’ as the title of your message.

We will respond to your request within one month of the date following receipt of your request and clarify:

  • whether or not your data is kept and processed, if so why
  • the source we used to collect your data
  • to whom your data is disclosed, where appropriate
  • how long we store your data for

In some cases, we may ask promptly for proof of identification before processing your request.

If you feel Flashing Lights Media has not addressed a concern in a satisfactory manner or wish to make a complaint, you may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office. You can find out how to do this by visiting

GDPR allows you to withdraw your consent for Flashing Lights Media to store your personal contact details. Please be aware that if you withdraw consent, it may affect future work or production participation opportunities we are able to provide to you.

7. Data security

Flashing Lights Media takes the security of personal data seriously. We have policies and controls in place to protect personal data against loss, accidental destruction, misuse or disclosure, and to ensure that data is not accessed, except by employees in the proper performance of their duties.

If Flashing Lights Media discovers that there has been a breach of personal data that poses a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals, we will report it to the Information Commissioner within 72 hours of discovery. The organisation will record all data breaches regardless of their effect.

8. Changes

We may make changes to the Privacy Policy from time to time. The Privacy Policy will be updated on our website and available to share with you at your request at any time. We will also share the Privacy Policy each time we come into a contractual agreement with you.

For queries in relation to data protection and your privacy, please email us at Our contact details can be found on